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Painting Tips


  • Model should be cleaned to remove any lingering mold release.
  • Wipe down with a damp sponge - dab rather than rub.
  • Do not submerge in water as water may seep inside model.
  • Air dry or blow dry to completely dry before applying primer. If blow drying, be
    careful not to apply too much heat as this may distort the model.

Painting - click images to enlarge

Start with a flat black primer,
eiither spray or brush on.
Completely dry before continuing.
Work with dark colours towards lighter colours dry brushing each layer. Do not apply paint in thick amounts, as this will mask the detail.

use an old tooth brush to get into grooves

Spray or brush on using either a gloss or flat finish, whatever your preference


  • Primer - flat black, either spray or brush on
  • Paints - basic acrylic craft paint
  • Sealer - available at all craft stores (make sure it is compatible with paint)

Notes: expensive paints, primers or sealers are not required to achieve a good realistic looking model.

Less is more … don’t overdue the amount of paint you are applying as it will mask some of the detail......


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